The Costs, Benefits and Effort:
Costs for installing a solar electricity system have come down quite a bit in recent years with an average system (3.0kWp) costing around £12,000 (including VAT at 5%). Solar electricity systems can cost in the region of £3500 to £4000 per kWp installed, but costs per kWp should reduce as system size increases.

In general:
The more electricity the system can generate, the more it costs but the greater the environmental and financial reward solar tiles are generally less efficient and cost more than panels panels built into a roof are more expensive than those that sit on top but, should you need major roof repairs, PV tiles can offset the cost of purchasing new roof tiles.

Savings and Income can be considerable both environmentally and financially - around 1.2 tonnes of CO2 a year can be saved and a 3.0 kWp system can generate more than 50% of a household's yearly electricity needs.

In addition the Feed In Tariff could generate an income of around £1,100 per year and any surplus is automatically sold to the grid.

Maintenance is generally small - you'll need to keep the panels relatively clean and make sure trees don't begin to overshadow them. So aside from that there is really nothing to do.